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  • Olearia & Vinicola Villese

Land to live

Cliffs and woods, gentle hilly landscapes and magnificent sandy beaches characterize the Abruzzo region extending for 10794 km square on the eastern side of central Italy, washed by the Adriatic Sea and occupied mainly by the Apennines of Abruzzo.

The Golden line from of the coast to the peaks of the Gran Sasso and Maiella Mountain, Abruzzo outlines the nature of a particular framework of variety and charm, that besides being a feast for the eyes it becomes the cradle of production of local agricultural products that characterize especially its culinary tradition.

In fact as, a land of great agricultural and pastoral tradition, Abruzzo offers to those who visit a wide range of fragrances and flavors. Woods, pastures and fertile hills allow to the skilful hand of man to create unforgettable food and drink.

Among these wines, like the famous Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, robust red wine, already praised at the time of the ancient Roman by the poet Ovid from a young man alive and strong, aged noble and austere.

Inevitable between the enchanting landscapes of the region are the unmistakable silhouettes of olives trees. From the slopes of the Gran Sasso to the sea and hills at the foot of the Maiella Mountain, olive groves cover the lands of Abruzzo up to 500 meters above sea level and offer an olive oil of high quality, leader of the world scene.


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