The Company over the years
  • Olearia & Vinicola Villese
  • Olearia & Vinicola Villese


The mission of the “Olearia & Vinicola Villese” farm is never to lose sight of the relationship between man and nature while utilizating the most advanced technologies.

However modernity and research can’t make detached and distant the world and a way to work goes on being full of poetry, cheerfulness and joy.

From generation to generation, from father to son, the witness  goes from hand to hand, with his cultural background, abilities and devotion, his deep respect for nature and for people who love it.

So that is how the ancient culture of grapevine and olive cultivation is renewed.

Presenting a wine, suggesting an oil is like communicating one’s existence, history, and ancient culture that travels through scents, feelings and memories. In every bottles not only lie wine and oil, but also tastes and fragrances of Abruzzo, thousands endearments, the succession of the seasons, the effort of one year and satisfaction for the result.